What is Kwickeye?

Have you ever been faced with the problem of not knowing what to gift kids on the endless rounds of birthday parties? Have you been gifted with yet another Lego set for your kid's birthday? Wouldn't it be nice to stay connected with other moms/friends so you know want they want for their kids or discover products for your kids that are adorable , ecofriendly or just a fabulous deal?

Kwickeye is 'Kids wishlists' with a social twist" - It is a social platform that makes it fun, practical and easy to discover and gift kids items. Kwickeye lets you add 'any' item from 'any' store with a click of a button and instantly share your childs' wishlists with everyone in your close circle through activity feeds. Your family/friends can anonymously reserve those items any time and you get exactly what you wanted!

So who is Kwickeye for?

Kwickeye is primarily targeted to help moms 'keep an eye' on what other moms really want for their kids, so they can pick the right gift for birthdays since it happens almost every week! Moms have a sense of wanting to 'give their kids the best, cutest and the latest' and Kwickeye provides a fun 'theme' based way to discover kids products/gifts.

"Sample Wishlists"
Kid's Birthday Wishlist

Baby shower list

Why should I use Kwickeye?

It is Easy
  • Just with one click of the "Kwickadd" button you can discover and build your online portfolio of favorite kids shops/products
  • You are not limited to any single website or retailer
It is Practical
  • All you need to do it add your friends/family to Kwickeye and every time you add something (a product or even a group deal) to your list, they can easily see what you want
  • No more second-guessing on recurring events like kids birthdays, baby showers, and holiday gifting. Just pick a product your friend wants!
  • So all your mom friends not on Kwickeye? You can simply share your list via a link or post the link on an evite!
It is Fun
  • The excitement of getting a gift notification! Once you see the value of how just adding a product to Kwickeye can fulfill your wish you will want to add more products.
  • Staying connected with friends: Following your friend's shopping list and collaborating on decisions is fun and addictive
  • Are you a green mom or a mom looking for unique kid vendors? Use one of the '5 themes' to search for kids products!