Gayathri Santhanam - Founder Gayathri Santhanam is an engineer, entrepreneur and mom of two lovely kids. She had always harbored the desire to build a product, to take an idea to market and the opportunity presented itself duing her break as a stay at home mom. While attending kids parties each week she faced the problem of not knowing what to gift kids on their birthdays and thought it would be a great idea to keep an eye on what her mom friends really wanted. Yes, there are dedicated wedding registries and baby showers, but what about all the special days in between and in particular, kids birthdays? Kid wants dinosaur, kid gets dinosaur!

Keeping that mantra in mind, Kwickeye was born. Gayathri single handedly handpicked a remote team from all over the world and started putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The product management was done during her copious free time (yeah right) and it has taken an entire year to release beta but the whole experience was fun and extremely rewarding.
In her freetime, Gayathri likes to go winetasting, hiking, picknicking with her kids and discovering new restaurants in the bay area!

Kwickeye was selected as the GEW 50 list and was featured in CNBC as World's most promising startups!
Kwickeye's vision is to make the whole experience of giving and receiving easy, practical and fun.

Special thanks to the Technical Contributors

  • YouNet Company (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam) - Offshore Development and Customization team
  • Csaba Gyulai (Budapest, Hungary) - Graphic Design
  • Filip Pietron (Lublin, Poland) - Logo design
  • Creative Goat (Peru) - UI/UX design