FAQs are organized based on what you want to do within Kwickeye.

WANT(Add items, discover items) SHARE(Add friends, share lists, social engagement) GET(Give and Receive gifts)


1)How do I add items that I like from websites? You can use the nifty KWICKADD tool to add any item that you like from any site. Please read the "About->Kwickadd tool" on how to install this bookmarklet.

2)Which sites can I add items from and what can I add? The KWICKADD Tool works with most sites (e.g LandofNod, PotterybarnKids, IKEA, ToysRUs, Target..) but you will need to enter the price and at the moment we are only supporting USD. Also, we are only supporting categories for kids and moms so we would love it if you could stick to adding adorable stuff for kids!

3)What is a Kwicklist and who can see my Kwicklists? A Kwicklist is a wishlist where you you save items you add with the Kwickadd tool . You can create lists with different privacy settings (All Registered Members, Friends and Only You) and the access would be based on the setting. You can create lists for any occasion (such as kids birthdays or showers) or just your own private shopping list, or share items that catch your fancy with your close friends/family.

4)I see the items I just added on the Kwickeye product discovery page. Why is that? If you add the item to a list with "All Registered members" access, then, yes, your name appears and members can access the list. For lists with setting of "Friends or Only You", the lock symbol appears in place of your name and no one can see who added the item.

5)What are 'themes' We think that it would be fun to stick one of the following 'themes' [ Good Deal, Cute as a button, Eco-Friendly, Educational and Unique vendor] while adding an item instead of writing notes. Its easy, fun and also very useful for other members to search based on these themes. e.g if you are looking for kids toys from a unique independant vendor, you would filter by "Unique Vendor" and "Kids Toys".

6)Can I add stuff directly from the home page? Yes. You like an item on the home page, you just click the "+Add too.. " button and you can add it to your preferred list. These items will not reappear on the home page.

7)I want to add product images and details manually. Can I do it? Yes. There is an option to add items manually. You'll see this on your Kwicklist sub-header. This option is especially useful to add and share group deals with friends. Just add the deal details as item name and select category as "Kids Services".


1)How do I find and add friends? Click on the Profile->Friends link and then the Invite friends link to add friends.

2)What if my friends are NOT part of my Kwickeye friend circle? How do I share my lists? In your Kwicklist folder, you will see the "Share(via link)" option. This will let you share the list with specifying email ids. These people can access your lists with a url and they will only see this list.

3)What is the "Go for it" button for? If you think your friend should really (really) buy the item they have added to their list, you click this button. This is used as a way to help friends make shopping decisions.

4)What comes on my activity feed and my friends? In general, what they added, what they commented, reserved etc. To understand more, visit your Profile->Account settings.


1)What is the "Reserve before purchase" button for? So, if you think you want to buy an item for a friend, you should click this button to avoid multiple purchases. The item will be marked as reserved and a notification will be sent to your friend! All reserves are anonymous- your friend will NOT know who is going to buy it.

2)Oops, I reserved by mistake. Can I unreserve? Yes. Once you reserve, only you or your friend can unreserve. An email notifcation will be sent to both.

3)Where do I purchase the item from? Reserve will NOT make sure the item is reserved on the vendor site. Jjust click product image to proceed to the vendor site.

4)How do I keep track of the items that I have reserved or have been reserved for me? At this time, we are only keeping track of it through email notifications.